9 Tips to Picking the Right Toy for Your Toddler

A birthday, a communion, a special achievement, ChristmasÂ… on these occasions, children become the protagonists, and sometimes get gifts. Getting an age-appropriate gift is very important.

Toys can greatly inspire a child, amplify their imagination, and help them be creative and learn essential skills. The first childhood, which lasts until 3 years old, is one of those creative chapters that is fundamental for children. Their cognitive, motor, language and social intelligence skills can all be developed with toys.

So, what are the best toys for children of this age?

1.    Educative toys are a huge source of information for children. These should be bright and interesting, and call the child’s attention.

2.    The toy should be made of materials that are not sharp or easily broken, and that are non-toxic. The smaller the child is, the bigger the toy and its parts should be.

3.    Each toy normally has an age group assigned to it. For example, if you were to look for the best toddler train sets, you might look on the box to see the recommended ages for those sets. These age groups for toys are based upon age, interest, and ability level.

4.    Take into account the personality of the child. Each one is different. A shy child may need toys that help him or her to open up, such as toys that can be enjoyed with other people.

5.    More is actually less and less is more. Simple toys will let the child better use their imagination. Complex toys may actually seem confusing to them, or take away any imagining that they may do. It’s best to keep it simple.

6.    Toys are not a weapon to correct the child’s behavior. They are part of a fundamental time in their life that will help them to develop essential skills. Try not to use them as prizes or punishments.

7.    On the other hand, too many toys kill a child’s creativity! So, it may be a good idea to put away some of those toys once in a while and bring them out a few months later.

8.    Choose toys that you can enjoy with them. Children feel the need for their parents to be near, especially when they’re little. Teach them how to play with the toys and to enjoy them.

9.    Sometimes, kids will have fun with common, everyday objects. You may have purchased them one of the best toddler train sets, and they are happily playing with the box. Don’t worry. It’s completely normal, and you should encourage them to push the limits of their imagination, instead of trying to bring them back to the toy.

Overall, keep in mind that the toys shouldn’t have small parts, should be stable and solid, and help your child grow their imagination. Keeping that in mind, you probably can’t go wrong! Children will enjoy most any toy given to them, and especially one that they can use with you.