My Reasons for Blogging

This is the type of post that I have been asked to make for so many months – and now I have decided to go ahead and do it. The reason why I am finally making this post is because many of you have been asking me about why I got started with blogging, and why I am still blogging to this day. Here is my story, and I hope that it will inspire you to go ahead and start blogging too. If you have some thoughts that you want to share with the world, then you may be the type of person to become a blogger!

Before I begin, I want to say that if you have never started a blog site before, a howtostartablog101 tutorial may be exactly what you need. I believe that when you read through these howtostartablog101 tutorials, you are going to get so much amazing information about how you can open a blog site the right way. And even though the process is not too challenging, it is still better to do it in the right way. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of the blog site that you have just set up and designed!

In terms of my journey, it began because I did not feel as though I had a way of communicating the things that were going on in my life. I was going through some tough times in my life, and I was having quite an emotional crisis. And I thought the best way that I could get through such a crisis was to write about it. And that is what I did. I just wrote about what I was feeling and experiencing, through different forms. Whether it was a short story one day, a poem the next day or just an article, I was so happy to be writing about these things.

And at first, I felt as though I should just keep all of this to myself. But after showing my work to a few friends, they all felt as though I should go ahead and start a blog. When I started the blog, my goal was never to have a ton of readers or to even make money from the venture. I still had another job that I was doing at the time, and I did not intend to leave it. But as this became more successful for me, it only made sense to transition to it full time.

If you are wanting to get started on the journey towards becoming a blogger, do not feel bad or ashamed. You should be feeling the opposite. You are wanting to pursue something that will open up your creative juices in a way that nothing else can match. You will feel as though you can finally write about the topics that you care about the most, without any filter. You will not have to worry about whether someone is approving the topics or not – it is your blog, so write what you want!